Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Handley!

Today we spent celebrating the fact that Handley is officially SIX today.  We celebrated all weekend long and today was the real deal so we had to stretch it out just one more day.

She woke up early this morning so Robby could take her to get donuts for a birthday breakfast.  While the rest of us snoozed, she was eating her sprinkle donut.  They were nice enough to bring home some for us, too.

Next we got dressed quick and made our way to meet a few friends at Champion Kids, her pick.  They have all sorts of bouncy slides, trampolines and a foam pit.  They all loved it and I was even shocked by how much fun Hudson had.

A big thanks to Lizzi and her boys AND Christy and her kids for joining us today.  It made Handley's day extra special.

After playing we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and they kids were very happy to see the cow there.

This afternoon we just spent the rainy afternoon at home and Handley had fun playing with some of her new toys and making jewelry with some beads and jewels she got for her birthday.  I recorded Miss USA for the girls last night and they watched part of it today.  Next thing I knew they were dressed up in their gowns, heels and using boas as sashes to play Miss USA.

We ended the day with a movie night and sherbet. A pretty awesome day for my sweet, sweet girl.

At six years old Handley:

  • is a deep thinker and is always contemplating something.  She wants to make sense of and understand everything going on around her. She's always asking tons of questions, even when it is about something she shouldn't be so concerned about.  I've nicknamed her Nosy Rosy for this reason. 
  • has an unbelievable memory.  I swear that girl never forgets anything and will talk about the smallest details of something that happened two years ago.  
  • loves to draw, do crafts and create things. 
  • is a girly girl and loves wearing dresses, ruffles, jewelry and all things that sparkle.  
  • has a caring and motherly personality.  She is so great with her younger siblings and all little kids.   The way she talks to them, treats them and interacts with them is something that can't be is just innate. She will make an excellent mother one day and a great babysitter!
  • is social and loves being with friends.  She is constantly asking me if I will text some of her friends' moms to plan a play date. 
  • has become a great eater.  She is happy to try new things and eats most anything I cook, unlike the other two kids. 
  • is responsible and trustworthy. I know if I ask her to do something or to not do something, I can trust that she will follow through, no matter what. 
Tonight when I was tucking her in I told her I couldn't believe she was six and that she was getting so old.  She smiled and said, "it's not that old." She's right, but these past six years have just gone by in such a flash and I can't image how fast the next 6 will go.  I'm spending my days trying to savor and soak up every second.

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