Monday, June 24, 2013

Tennis Camp = Success

I intentionally did not sign the girls up for any camps or activities this summer.  Although I know they would have fun doing them, they have had just as much fun swimming, having playdates with friends we don't normally see during the school year, and being on a nice relaxed summer schedule. They sleep in each morning, stay up late at night and love all the fun we have in between.

However, when I got an email about a tennis camp that was being offered by the same program Handley took lessons from last fall I decided it might be a good thing.  They were running a special so the camp was super affordable and I loved that both girls could do it and be in the same group since it is from 4-7 year old.  Plus, it is only an hour each morning this week, so although I did have to get everyone up early to be there, it isn't a huge time commitment.

Both girls were really excited, but Harper was beside herself.  Last night after I had put her to bed she came back downstairs to remind me to not forget to bring her tennis racquet.  :-)  This morning she woke up extra early because she was so excited.

During their camp both girls seemed to have a great time.  There were 4 coaches so they divided the kids up for part of the hour and then they did some things together as a group, too.  Handley, who didn't have all that much coordination last fall when she played, really surprised me and did pretty well.  Harper, who is more naturally athletic, only hit the ball 2-3 times the entire hour.  She didn't seem to care though because as soon as they were done she asked me to sign her up for tennis because she loved it so much!

The coach kept telling Harper to stick her tongue in her mouth so she didn't bite it while she was running around.  After looking back at all these pictures I realized she kept it out a lot!  Ha!  She does that when she is concentrating hard. 

Hudson had fun playing while the girls were doing tennis and was especially excited when he got a piece of candy from the coach, too!


Julie, the mama said...

LOVE the picture of the girls standing beside each other with their arms around each other. So sweet.

And Harper and that tongue got me so tickled. Boss does the same thing.

Ashleigh Finger said...

So sweet! I loved how they were standing together with their arms around each other!