Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dance Recital

Last night was the girls dance recital!  They had been looking forward to their big performance for a while and were so excited to get all dolled up with Mommy's real make-up.  They both looked darling and I just loved how they were beaming.  We took pictures before we left and they were having fun coming up with all sorts of poses. :-)

We met Gigi and Papa (who is doing much better now) for dinner before their show and all the other people dining kept noticing the girls all dressed up.  At one point I took the girls to the restroom and when we got back to the table Handley whispered "Three different people just said how pretty we looked." I just LOVED that she felt so special.

Both girls did a tap and ballet dance.  I wasn't sure how Hudson would do sitting through all the performances, but he stayed really entertained and kept pointing to the stage and all of the kids dancing and got super excited when it was time for Handley or Harper to do one of their dances.

Handley's spot on stage was on the opposite end from where we were sitting, but Harper was pretty much right in front of us.  They both danced their little hearts out, smiled big the whole time and seemed to be really enjoying themselves.  We were so proud of how they shined on stage!

After the show when I asked each of them if they had fun and they both said they loved it!  They got two sets of flowers (from us and Bryn), a gift from Gigi and Papa and a trophy from their teachers.  Also, Jake found them and gave them each roses! Harper kept saying, "I got SO much stuff" and when we got home she kept telling me over and over how much fun she had dancing on the stage.


Renee said...

They both look so beautiful! And I am glad your FIL is doing better!!

Julie, the mama said...

ok, their costumes are once again just darling. (your people need to call my people).

and Harper??? oh my goodness, she looks SOOOO grown up all of a sudden. Like it was hard to see any baby at all in these pictures.

Ashleigh Finger said...

They both looked so precious in those costumes!! Such cuties!