Saturday, June 15, 2013

Handley's Painting Party

For Handley's birthday party this year she wanted a painting party.  We decided she should invite her closest friends and have a small party, which turned out to be great.  She picked the butterfly design that they girls would paint and they were lead through the steps to paint their picture.

They each did such a great job and I loved seeing how each of them put their personal touches on their paintings.  Handley felt so special during her party and loved getting to celebrate turning 6 with her closest girlfriends!

All of the girls were excited and ready to get started on their paintings!

They were all very hard a work and concentrating very hard! 

And finally the finished products!  I was so proud of how wonderfully artistic and creative all of these girls were. :-)

This afternoon Sophia came over for a little bit and all three kids just loved getting to see her again.  They were all trying to make her laugh and Handley was the most successful.  I loved seeing all four of them together with my mom!


Renee said...

What an awesome party!! Reese would love something like that too. Happy birthday Handley!

Julie, the mama said...

What a great party. Hendley would LOVE that, too!

And I love seeing all those grandbabies in one picture. Adorable!