Friday, March 30, 2012

Handley's Easter Party

Today was Handley's school Easter party.  I had arranged for my friend, Sheila, to watch Harper and Hudson so that I could really help out with the egg hunt and the party for her class.  All of the Pre-K classes had their egg hunt on the baseball field across from the church.  There weren't really any places to "hide" the eggs, but there sure were lots of them tossed around on the grass.

All 60 kids lined up with their baskets against the fence and as soon as they got the go ahead, they all took off running.  It didn't take long for all of the eggs to be collected.

Handley and two of her classmates spotted 3 eggs hiding on the fence after everything was over and they took off running to retrieve them.

After the hunt, we made our way back to the classroom where the kids had lunch, played games, and did an Easter egg craft.  Mrs. Mary Ann and Mrs. Tamika had given the kids these cute bunny masks.  Handley and her friend, Grace, were jumping around like they were bunnies.

Before heading home we made a quick stop by Mrs. Deborah's class to let Handley get a quick picture with the chicks, since she was wearing her chick dress today. :-)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harper's Easter Party

Today was Harper's Easter party and egg hunt at school.  I was so excited about today, because I knew the little surprise that Mrs. Deborah had in store for the class.  Each year, she brings baby chicks to school for the Easter parties and I just knew that Harper would love them.

The kids did their egg hunt first and were surprisingly very calm.  They had fun collecting all the eggs though.  Harper had to stop with each one she picked up, shake it, and see if there was something inside before she continued to another one.

After the egg hunt the kids all got to hold the chicks.

Next it was time for pizza lunch, a craft and a game, but I didn't get one picture inside because I was too busy trying to keep Hudson happy.  Today was the third day in a row he didn't take a morning nap, so he wasn't really digging my plan to have him eat snacks in the stroller.

When we got home she had fun opening up each egg and checking out the candy and treats inside.  She was very sweet to share everything with Handley, who has her egg hunt tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blue Eyed Babies

Today the blue eyed babies got to hang out and have some fun.  Jen and I met at a park to walk and since Harper is off school on Tuesdays, she got to come along, too.  Harper normally loves walks, but the view of the playground had her wishing she was playing instead of sitting in the stroller.  She was good while we got our exercise and then loved getting some playtime.

It's is obvious that Parker adores Harper and they spent the entire time playing together and following each other around.  After the playground we made our way to McEntyre's (aka, The Bakery) for lunch to undo all the good we just did walking. :-)  

When we left, Parker and Hudson were so cute together.  They were leaning in towards one another to give hugs. It was so sweet.  Parker was also teaching Hudson how to give high-fives, which I'm sure he will be doing before long.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Egg Hunt of the Year

Today the girls had tons of fun with Gigi and Papa.  They got to go to a spring-time festival that had games, face painting, inflatable bounce houses and slides, and a big egg hunt.  As soon as they got home Handley talked-a-mile a minute about everything they did.  Harper tried to get a word in, but had a hard time because Handley just didn't stop talking about all of the fun they had.  She was also excited to show me the four-leaf clover that she found at the park.  It was her very lucky day.  Gigi shared some pictures from the day and I was so happy that they had such a great day together.

Super Saturday!

A big thanks to Mimi for making their adorable kite outfits. You all know I love them matching. :-)

Today was a super Saturday!  It started off with everyone sleeping in (and by sleeping in, I mean no one was up before 7:30).  Then we ran a few errands and made our way to Northpoint Mall.  I wanted to check on something there and thought we would make a little outing out of it.  Gigi met us there and we let the girls look around the American Girl store.  It was SO crowded and pretty crazy in there, but the girls always have fun checking out the different outfits and accessories for the dolls.  Gigi even let them go on a mini shopping spree!  They each got a bathing suit (with matching flip-flops), sunglasses, and a cute summer outfit for their dolls.  Handley even got a pair of "waterproofs" for her doll that match her shoes. She was making me smile as we walked through the mall because she was so proud of her bag.

Next, we hit up the food court for lunch and the girls enjoyed dining at their very own, kid-sized table.

Then we rode the carousel and even Hudson got to ride.  I wasn't going to take him on because I didn't think he would care one way or the other, but Gigi convinced me to take him and I'm SO glad I did. He LOVED it. He was smiling and talking the whole time and kept doing this funny thing he does with his voice when he gets excited.

After our mall adventure we spent the afternoon at Gigi and Papa's house.  While everyone napped and rested I snuck out to do a little shopping alone (!!!).  Then the girls kept busy dressing up their dolls and counting caterpillars outside.

We ate dinner and then came home, but Handley and Harper stayed to spend the night.  They have a fun day planned for tomorrow and I know they are going to have a blast!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First days of spring

The past two days we've spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather!  Aside from the pollen, it has been absolutely perfect.  Thankfully, the pollen doesn't bother us, so we are soaking up these warm days.

We've done lots of swinging...

Picnics and play time with friends...

And, yesterday our play group celebrated the first day of spring with some frozen yogurt!

I have mentioned it before, but I just love this warm weather we are having and the kids do, too!  It's been so nice to be able to play outside, take long walks/runs, and soak up the sunshine.  I'm sure it will cool off a little before it gets warm for good, but that will be just fine with Harper, who is asking me everyday when she'll get to wear her jeans again.  Speaking of Harper, she is my funny little copycat.  She likes doing everything I do, including putting on her deodorant in the morning. Ha!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend recap (a few days late)

Our weekend started out on Friday night when the girls set up the leprechaun traps we had made that afternoon.  Unfortunately, they didn't catch one this year, but the leprechauns did leave them some chocolate gold coins hid around the house and some green milk, so they were excited about that.

Next it was off to Handley's soccer pictures and her second soccer game.  Turns out we were playing a really advanced and intense team.  I think the score was probably 400 to was that bad.  The kids didn't really know any better, but it sure was painful for the parents to watch.  The worst part of it was that Handley got nailed in the face with a ball someone had kicked during the game.  This only came after one of her little girl friends got kicked in the face with it twice!  Handley cried and sat on the side for just a minute, but then she was right back out there, so we were proud of her.

That evening we had a couple's shower to go to, so Gigi and Papa came over to babysit.  After the shower we stopped by the house so I could put Hudson to bed and then we went out to dinner with our friends Jen and Justen.  It was a busy day, but tons of fun.

Sunday I had a baby shower to attend and Robby to the kids to the park to play, feed the ducks, and have a picnic.  When I got home I spent the afternoon switching the kids closets for their spring/summer clothes and that night we had dinner club at Bryce and Sarah's.  We always enjoy the company of our friends, so it was lots of fun and because it was so nice we got to dine outdoors.  Jen snapped these pictures of Hudson and I, and I just love them because it captures how much I love him. :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hudson - 8 months

Hudson is 8 months old today!  I feel like this past month he has really changed and grown up so quickly.  He still isn't crawling and really doesn't seem to have any interest in it.  I've tried putting him on all fours a few times and he just cries. Ha!  In the past two days he has become quite the roller though.  If he's sitting down he stays sitting, but if he is on his back, he will roll all over the place.

These pictures were taken tonight after his bath. He was rolling around his room and in the last one you can see he made it across the room and would have kept going, except that he ran into his chair. :-)

He is so sweet and so good.  We all fall in love with him more and more each day and I could not have asked for a better baby.  I am wishing I could just freeze time right now!

At 8 months Hudson:

  • is sleeping a million times better!  He goes to bed around 7:30 PM and the past two days I've had to wake him around 7:45/8 AM.  He does usually wake once a night, but it's nothing like what he was doing before.  
  • takes two naps a day.
  • gets so excited when it's time to eat and especially when he sees his baby food jars.
  • still prefers baby food, but now eats some finger foods, too. 
  • is picky about food textures.
  • has become quite attached to his pacifier.  He generally only gets it in the car or when he is getting ready for nap or bed, but as soon as he sees it he will grab it and stick it in his mouth.  
  • acts shy when people talk to him.  He will smile, but then quickly "hides" his head in my chest. 
  • loves rolling around and does it from side to side now. 
  • usually sleeps on his side or stomach. 
  • definitely has a favorite toy (a small maraca that I keep in the car) and gets so excited when I give it to him. 
  • is a cuddler and loves to give hugs.  
  • has the most squish-able checks and legs. :-)
  • loves his big sisters and is adored by them.  He's constantly smiling at them an in most of these pictures he was cracking up at Handley dancing around for him. 

Speaking of his big sisters, they are so silly.  This evening Handley transformed herself into a super hero with her blanket tied around her shoulders and a shoe box on her head.  She kept singing "Super Hero Handley, here to save the day, flying to all the nations, I'm going to save the day!"  Not quite sure where she comes up with all this stuff, but I love her imagination.  

"saving" Harper