Monday, January 9, 2012

Eating Cheerios like a Champ

We had a pretty awesome weekend.  Highlights included a birthday party at the kids' favorite location (Happy Birthday Jake and Reece!), checking out the brand new fancy Racetrac (can't wait till one opens close to us), an impromptu gathering of all the kiddos on our street riding their "vehicles" (as Handley likes to say) and an almost sleepover with Avery.  

Handley has been talking about a sleepover for quite some time and I'd promised her we would do it over Christmas break.  My time was running out so we invited Avery over and the girls had so much fun.  They made cookies in the Easy Bake Oven, colored, played with their new dolls, and giggled like only little girls can do.  They were so sweet to include Harper all night, and she thought she was one of the big girls, for sure!  It ended around 9:30 PM when Avery decided she'd rather sleep at home, but it was tons of fun while it lasted.  

The dolls having a sleepover, too.
Over the weekend I also discovered that Hudson can eat Cheerios like a champ.  I had been giving him a few Mum-Mums or Puffs here and there over the past week, and he loved them, but the main ingredient in them is rice four and, like the rice cereal, they gave him bad gas and I guess he is just not quite ready for rice yet.  Cheerios, on the other hand, have no rice and he absolutely loves them.  I'm kind of surprised by how quickly he's taken to "chewing" them.  He tries to pick them up and does a pretty good job, but can't qutie get them in his mouth yet.  He's lucky that he has two big sisters and a mama who are happy to help him though.

Notice Hudson's reward sticker the girls gave him for doing a good job eating his Cheerios.
And one more little thing that I don't want to forget is what happens each night before bathtime.  Hudson sits in the boppy and the girls put on a show for him, including music, props, and all kinds of dancing.  He loves watching them, and they love having an audience for their show.   I usually take advantage of this time to try to thrown in some laundry or straighten up a bit, but tonight I sat right down there with him and enjoyed the show so much that it was Hudson's bedtime before we even made our way to the bath.  

Watching the show

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