Friday, November 28, 2014


Robby and I hosted Thanksgiving this year and it was such a fun day!  I was a little nervous at first, but  when Robby decided to smoke the turkey on his new Big Green Egg and I knew that task was off of my plate, I was excited about having everyone here.

I loved getting to use our dining room for the first real time and also my china that rarely gets used.

Handley made place cards for everyone, just like I used to do when I was little!

The turkey on the Egg was amazing.  It was so juicy, full of flavor, and fell off the bone.  Robby was very proud!

The kids were anxious for the feast and sat waiting patiently for the call to come fix their plates.

After stuffing our faces everyone went out for a game of baseball to work off some of those calories.

When we all got too cold outside, we made our way in for desserts!  Ryan and Heather brought a pumpkin pie, we had made cupcakes that looked like turkeys and the girls also helped me make a pecan pie, my personal favorite.  It's my Memaw's recipe and I can remember having this pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas since I was a little girl.

After everyone had left my little helper and I were happy that the kitchen was finally clean after a few days of baking and prepping for our feast.

Then it was time to just sit in front of the fire, enjoy a glass of wine, and be thankful for all I have!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day gathering with their families and giving thanks.

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