Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Off to a Great Start

Our week is off to a great start and I just love the time I have with Hudson while the girls are at school. He loves the days he goes to school, but I love the days he is home.  He makes me laugh and we have so much fun together.

He loves taking pictures and on this day he was going around taking shots of just about anything...the fridge, his water cup, the light switches, anything that struck his fancy.  

On Monday morning I spent my day with Walker at the vet getting his latest vaccines.

This little guy isn't so little anymore. He was 21 lbs. at his appointment, up from 8 lbs. when we got him, and he is growing like crazy.  He's a big baby though...just 4 months old and still all puppy.  He's doing great with potty training, loves playing with the kids, and thinks he is a couch dog.  He's really smart and already knows how to do lots of "tricks" like sit, down, stay, high-five and dancing with us.  He likes to go exploring in our wooded area and thinks it is a game to wait for us to come get him and then run off which is not fun!  Overall though, he's super laid back, so sweet, and just a big baby who still hasn't figured out how to go down stairs.  We have to carry him down and I know we won't be able to pick him up easily for too much longer.

And this other big baby slept through the entire afternoon at dance today.  He had to get up extra early to go with me to the elementary school to help out with something and he was worn out this afternoon.

The sad part was that he loves going to dance with the girls because it means he gets to play with all of the other little brothers who are there.  I kept trying to wake him up today and he was NOT waking up. Then, when he finally woke up as we were getting ready to leave he was so upset because he didn't get to play.  Poor thing.

Everyone went to bed early tonight and I'm not too far behind them!  I'm so tired and can't believe it's only Tuesday.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving break so we can all sleep in.

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