Thursday, November 6, 2014

Big Day for Teeth

Today was a big day for the teeth in our household.  First up, the kids and I had our 6 month dentist appointment.  This was just our regular appointment, but a big deal for Hudson because it was his first official appointment.  We had talked about it all day and he was so excited.  He practiced opening his mouth wide and showing his big smile.  When we got there the girls were seen first and he kept asking when it would be his turn.  When he finally climbed up into the chair, he did awesome! I was so proud of him for sitting so still, following the directions and acting like such a big boy. He loved seeing all of the tools and getting to try out "Mr. Thirsty" all on his own.

Everyone got a great report at the dentist today and were all excited to pick out a prize for having a great appointment.  Our dentist did tell me that Harper's loose tooth was ready to come out and would probably be out any day now.   She's been so excited for it to come out and asked Robby if he would pull it for her tonight.  He couldn't get a good grip on it, but had some pliers handy and that did the job!

She acted pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, but I know she is super excited for her first visit from the tooth fairy and is hoping for a glittery dollar bill, just like Handley got for her first tooth.

And one other quick Harper story.  Her teacher is so sweet and occasionally send me pictures she takes.  Today she sent me this one and said at the end of the day she saw Harper sitting at the teacher table and pretending to "work." So appropriate since Harper told me today she was going to be a teacher when she grows up.  

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George McEvoy said...

It's wonderful that your children are not afraid of the dentist. They even seem to look forward to the appointments! Hudson must had been thrilled that he got a prize on his visit. As a first-timer, he deserves that prize, as he did very well. What's even better is that you all had great reports from your dental checkup. Thanks for sharing!