Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I always decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving, but social media peer pressure has made it harder and harder to wait this year.  That and the fact that I'm so excited to decorate our new house for Christmas for the first time has me itching to get all of my decorations out and start spreading Christmas cheer.  However, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year so I want the house to still look and feel like fall for our big feast.

I did decide to go ahead and let the kids put up the trees in their rooms.  Hudson pretty much demanded his be up the second we bought it and ever since then the girls have been begging to get theirs out of the basement.  Since they are off school all week we're getting lots done around the house and this evening's activity was decorating their trees.  I drug all of the stuff out of the basement and we got to work.  They were each so happy to see it lighting up their rooms and we listened to Christmas music on the iPod while they hung ornaments.

Tomorrow we'll spend the day preparing for our feast and then Friday it's game on.  Thanksgiving and fall stuff will be packed away until next year and it will be full on Christmas here!

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