Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fun

Our Halloween this year was one of the best!  It started bright and early for the girls to get ready for school.  They were both excited about the fun Halloween centers and activities they would be doing at school that day.

While they were at school I went to Hudson's school for his party.  They ate yummy treats, played some games, and made spider hats.

After everyone got home Robby helped them carve our pumpkins and Handley was the only one who really loved digging in and getting her hands dirty.

Next the kids were ready to get their costumes on and help me set-up for our party!  This year they were all superheros.  Hudson was adamant that is what he was going to be and thankfully, the girls were pretty easy going about being a girly version of a superhero complete with tutus and sparkles.

We hosted a pre and post trick-or-treat party for our neighbor friends and had the best time.  I had good intentions of taking pictures of all the kids, but they were all running around like crazy and I was too busy running my mouth with my friends.  All of the kids piled in out ours and another neighbor's golf carts to make their way house to house for trick-or-treating and they all loaded up their bags with candy.

We came back to our house for more fun and the kids all started digging in to their loot.  When I put the kids to bed last night they were all so happy and said they had the best time trick-or-treating.  That made me so, so happy!  The one thing I was most worried about when we moved from our old neighborhood was that we wouldn't have the same sense of community here. That definitely isn't the case though because we have met so many wonderful people and friendships that I know will last for years to come!

One of those neighbors is a sweet, sweet girl who lives across the street from us.  She is a junior in high school and also ended up coaching the girls' cheerleading squad this year.  She's responsible, respectful, smart, sweet, and the perfect role model for my girls. She's exactly the type of young lady I hope my girls grow up to be.  We all love her!

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