Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wearing Walker Out

Before the time change, the kids and I used to take Walker on a walk every evening after dinner.  Now it's pitch black after dinner because of the time change and not to mention it's freezing cold, too.  I braved the frigid temperatures today to walk him, but he isn't getting quite as many walks as he was before.  Thankfully he still walks to the bus stop twice a day and just loves to run around our big yard to get some of his energy out.  However, when we still need to wear him out all I have to do is tell the kids and they know just what to do.

Hudson and Harper have this game where they hide on the couch under a blanket and say they are hiding from the "gum people."

They'll be real sneaky and then start yelling, "The gum person is coming!!!"  Random?  Yes.  Entertaining to them?  Yes.  I'm not quite sure how it started, but I think it had to do with hiding from Handley one day when she was chewing gum.  Now they also hide from Walker who likes to find gum or just about anything else he can from the trash.  Once they are discovered in their hiding place they take off running and you can guess who goes chasing.

We have a path in the house that becomes where they run laps, round and round and round.  Walker automatically will chase Hudson when he runs because Walker knows Hudson is always up for playing and wrestling.

The girls will sometimes get him to run with them and if he isn't all they have to do is grab a toy and run for him to know it's game on.

He's really fast now!  The kids used to be able to out run him, but that isn't the case anymore!

Tonight when I should have been getting everyone in bed I was sitting amongst the chaos, taking pictures and trying to soak up these sweet, sweet memories.  Our precious puppy, my crazy kiddos, and all of the laughing and fun they were having!

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