Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Today was the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast.  Harper had been so excited and was looking forward to their feast all week.

Only a couple of moms got to go and help with set-up and because of that I was able to stay and take a few pictures.  It was the most darling thing ever and the entire hallway was filled with sweet kids.  The teachers make a life-sized turkey out of brown paper bags and it is filled with popcorn (just like the turkey legs on their plates).  One of the Assistant Principals came to the feast and did the honors of carving the turkey.  Cutest thing ever!

 This little boy just loves Harper so it was sweet that when I asked her to smile for a picture he leaned right in.  All of the kids sang a Thanksgiving song and as a class they stood and said what they were thankful for.

It was sweet as can be and I'm so very thankful for a great school and amazing teachers for our kids that do fun activities like this because I know this is the type of thing they will remember!

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