Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day at the Lake

This was our first weekend at the lake this season and we had all been looking forward to it!  The kids put on their bathing suits as soon as we got back from the grocery store and they were ready to go.  When I saw them out on the deck in their suits, eating watermelon and with the lake in the background, I knew our summer had officially begun!

We spent lot of time on the boat and had great weather all weekend.   We had some great friends with us, too, which always makes for a fun weekend.

Handley had been saying for a while now that she just knew she was going to be able to wakeboard by herself this summer and she was right.  The first time she tried it she popped up like an old pro and did such a great job.  We were so proud of her and she was thrilled that she finally has the hang of it now!

I'm sure before I know it Robby will be teaching her all sorts of tricks, just like he does. 

We love grilling out at night and relaxing at the house after a long day on the water, but it's also fun to visit one of our favorite restaurants while we are there, too.  We go by boat and it's right on the water.

The food and the atmosphere are great, but the best part about it is this:

There is a huge grassy lawn right beside the patio we like to sit on and it is perfect for the kids.  They run and play and have a grand time while the adults can enjoy themselves and have a pretty relaxing dinner, too.

At dinner I wanted a picture of all of us and Robby asked who would take it.  I got out my phone and Handley said, "It's called a selfie, Daddy."  Oh my...what a sign of the times.

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