Saturday, May 3, 2014

Field Day, Flower, and a GOAL!

Yesterday was Field Day for Handley's school.  She was so excited about the day and said that she had so much fun.  The weather was perfect and her friend's mom stopped by for a little bit and was able to send me some pictures of our girls having a blast.  I had hoped to get there, but it was right during pre-school pick-up time.

Friday morning on the way into Hudson's gymnastics class he ran ahead of me on the sidewalk and then stopped abruptly.  I realized he was picking a flower out of the grass and he turned around with a giant smile and said, "Mommy, I got this flower for you."  Melt my heart.  He was so proud and my sweet boy is starting to become quite the little southern gentleman.  He also loves holding open doors now, too.  He'll push his sisters out of the way because he insists on being the one to hold it open.

Over the course of the soccer season I felt like Harper had lost her competitive spirit, so today we told her if she scored a goal we'd give her $1.  That was just the motivation she needed because she was on fire today.  All of the other moms asked me what she'd had for breakfast because even they noticed a difference in her.  She made it down the field to the goal several times, but their goalie was able to block each kick.  She finally did score though and turned around with a huge grin on her face to be sure that we saw it.   I had to pay up and she was so happy!

This afternoon we did some things at the house and the kids had a picnic while they waited.

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