Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hudson's Last Day of School

Thursday was Hudson's last day of 2 year old preschool.  He didn't really seem to understand that it was has last day of school, but he was happy that I would be there for his party and he kept telling me he wanted to go to summer (because he knows summer means swimming, and the beach and lots of fun).  
Here is is first and last day of school pictures! 

He's come such a long way this school year!   I had fun thinking back to the beginning of the year and how I had to pick him up early every day for close to a month because he would just cry and cry.  

2nd Day of school and NOT loving it at all

Now he cries on the days he doesn't go to school because he wants to be there!  I'm so thankful to his sweet teachers, Ms. Janet and Ms. Johanna, who went the extra mile this year to help him learn to love school.  There is a strong chance he might have them next year for the 3 day, 3 year old class and I couldn't be happier. 

He had fun at his beach themed party, but towards the middle I think he was getting tired because he started being really whiny and didn't want to share anything with his friends.  Several of the other kids were melting down too and his teachers kept saying that the kids never do this when the moms aren't in there and I totally believe it.  I did get him to pose for a picture with his teachers, but he was not at all interested in smiling for me. 

I'm so happy he had such a wonderful first year of school and it's amazing to me the leaps and bounds he has grown up this year.  While I think it is fun to see the progress he has made, I still wish I could just freeze him at this age right now!

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