Saturday, May 17, 2014

Harper's Last Day of School

Friday was Harper's last day of school. She has had very mixed emotions.  She is excited about going to Kindergarten and being able to be at the elementary school with Handley, but she is also going to miss her school and her sweet friends she made this year.  On several occasions she has told me she was really going to miss her teachers and keeps asking if we could go back and visit them next year.

Harper's first and last day of school pictures!

Her party was on Friday and the chilly temperatures here put a damper on our beach themed party, but the kids didn't mind and still had fun eating outdoors, making ice cream sundaes, and playing games with their friends.

At the beginning of this school year we didn't know anyone at this preschool.  It was a big step for all of us to be starting somewhere new with no familiar faces.  However, my prayers were answered when we got wonderful teaches and the kids met wonderful new friends.  Harper's teachers were so great and she is more than prepared for Kindergarten thanks to them.  When she said goodbye to her sweet friend, Katelyn, I had a hard time holding back tears.  I loved watching their friendship develop this years and while we will still plan playdates and see each other at VBS this summer, a part of me is sad they won't be seeing each other everyday at school.

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