Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of Year Crazies

We are into the end of the school year crazies.  Every single day this week and next there is some sort of event at one of the schools or at dance.  We have graduations, author celebrations, field days, Spanish presentations, end of the year parties, color concerts, and the list goes on and on and on.  While I love every one of these things and am so grateful to be a part of these wonderful schools, it can get a little overwhelming at the end of the year.  Lots and lots of fun stuff happening though and I don't want to forget any of it.

This week the pre-school had their field days.  It was supposed to be last week, but because of the bad weather it got postponed.  Unfortunately, I already had a dentist apt. scheduled for the same time as Hudson's field day time.  I wasn't able to get it switched, but my friend sent me pictures of him and it was obvious that he was having a ball!  His team was the yellow team and they all got a medal after they were done.  He was SO proud of that thing and wore it all day.

Harper's dance class had their parent observation day this week.  All of the girls were so sweet and it was fun to get a peek at what they've been learning this year.  She does a ballet/tap combo class and got a certificate that she was pretty proud of.  I can't wait to see her perform in the recital in just a few weeks.

Harper's field day was yesterday and I was able to volunteer with her class.  She was the red team!  She also had lots of fun, but it was hot out there.  I brought popsicles for the class and it was a nice treat to help cool them off after their field day fun.

Yesterday morning was also Handley's Author Celebration at school.  Parents were invited to read a sampling of writing they have done throughout the year.  I was SO impressed with the progress Handley has made from the beginning of the year to now.  It's wonderful to see how much she has learned.  They also had each written a sweet book to the moms for Mother's Day and she was so proud to give it to me.  She told me she thought I looked extra pretty, did so many nice things for our family and told me she loved me more than ice cream!  That's saying a lot! :-)

Our busy day didn't end there.  Tiara and I had planned to get the kids together to play after school and although I forgot about our plans until the last minute, I'm so happy we made it happen.  These kids always pick up right where they left off and it doesn't matter if it has been months since we've seen them.  They are still BFF and still love each other so much.  I feel the same way about Tiara and it was so great to catch up. The kids ended up running in the sprinkler with their clothes on and it had us all wishing it was already summer.

We're out of town for the next few days for a family wedding so the kids are out of school the next two days.  That brings our summer countdown to a week and 1/2!

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Julie, the mama said...

WOW - you really DO have light at the end of the tunnel.

Love the pic of H and A! So nice when friends get to catch up like that!

Happy almost summer to y'all!!!