Thursday, May 22, 2014

Handley's Last Day of School

Wednesday was Handley's last day of school.  She was excited and sad at the same time.  She said she would miss her friends and teachers over the summer, but she was ready for the pool, the beach, and fun in the sun.

She had a fantastic first year at the elementary school and I'm so impressed by all that she learned this year.  Her reading and writing skills grew leaps and bounds and she just really grew up this year, too. As you can tell from both her first day and last day pictures, she loves wearing her hair in a ponytail just about everyday these days.

I honestly can't believe we survived this school year.  Living so far away and commuting each day while trying to get the house build was rough.  Thankfully, Robby was able to take Handley the majority of the time and I think both of them really enjoyed their mornings together.

I know I dreaded the days Robby was out of town because it usually meant me taking all of the kids bright and early.  It was hard on all of us and this year has certainly been one of the most stressful ones I think any of us have experienced.  I don't usually like to wish time away, but I can say with certainty that I am very glad this school year is behind us.  And now, I can't believe that I'll have two kids in elementary school next year!

We celebrated the end of school with a pool party at one of our new neighbors' houses.  She had lunch for everyone, balloons, fun water toys, bubbles and it was the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer!  Now we are about to head off to the lake to rest and relax before the craziness of our move begins next week.

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Julie, the mama said...

Whew! You made it! I have a feeling this summer will be your favorite summer yet and that next year will bring nothing but awesome for your family!