Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Masters 2014

We had an amazing time at The Masters today!  Last year was my first year attending and I had the best time.  I was hoping I could go back again this year was really looking forward to it.  Even though I'm not a golfer, just being on the ground and at the event is such a neat experience. 

At the last minute (like around 11 PM last night) we found out there were some people not able to come, so we called my brother and he jumped at the opportunity...even if it meant only getting a few hours of sleep since he'd be meeting us bright and early near Augusta the next morning.  It was his first time at the tournament and he loved every second.  

This year was even more memorable because the group we were with had connections with a pro caddy that spent most of the day with us.  He really gave us interesting behind the scenes information about the players, the caddies, and course and everything in between.  He also had access to some places not many people get to see like inside Butler's Cabin (where all of the Green Jacket winners are interviewed) and we also got to see the CBS Sports compound where all of the TV production happens. 

Everywhere you look is so beautiful.  The course and the landscaping are unlike anything you've ever seen.  I would LOVE for my yard to look half as picturesque.

Wednesday is just a practice day, so the official tournament doesn't begin until tomorrow. The good thing about going on a practice day is that you can bring cameras!  Thursday - Sunday cameras aren't allowed so I was excited to get to have some pictures.  Another interesting fact for those who don't know, cell phones are strictly prohibited.  I was a little anxious not having it with me all day (in case there was an emergency with the kids), but it is nice not to have that distraction

 Robby stayed in Augusta and gets to go again tomorrow. I'm home though and gearing up for a busy day tomorrow.  Harper's 5th birthday!!!  Also, Handley and all of the first graders are doing a musical performance at school tomorrow night. :-)



Stefanie said...

Looks so fun!!! Glad you guys had a great time and Trey was beyond excited for the chance to finally be there. He was like a kid in a candy store telling me all about it when he got home. :). So wish I could've been there with you guys but glad he at least got to go.

max harrell said...

wow, the pictures are great and the next best thing to being there. Going to the Master's is just a great experience. So happy you were there.