Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Harper's 5 Year Well Visit

Earlier this week Harper had her 5 year old check-up.  My kids all love going to the doctor to get all of the treats.  They love playing in the waiting room, getting tokens for shots, and picking lollipops and stickers as we leave.

Just for my memory her stats were:

Weight - 43 lbs. - 75th percentile
Height - 43 1/2 inches - 75th percentile

She's healthy and happy and even thought she had to get two vaccines, she tried to smile right through it.  She was proud to show off her reading skills and a little shy to answer some questions she was unsure of.  Overall though, it was a great appointment!

On the way out, Hudson also found another prize...a tree branch he wanted his picture made with. :-)

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Julie, the mama said...

Always so thankful for good reports from these well visits. (And ha! at the tree branch picture.)