Sunday, April 13, 2014

Slam Packed Saturday

We were barely recovering from our crazy week when we got up bright and early to start our slam packed Saturday.  6 AM is a early wake-up call during the week, but an even earlier one on the weekend.  We were happy to be up though, because it was for a fun and great cause.  It was the RT Run for Research...a 5K put on by RT every year to help raise funds for Parkinson's Disease research.

This event is really always a lot of fun because we know so many people there.  This year was no different.  A lot of our friends were running and just like last year, we had to get the stroller brigade picture.

Bless him, Robby pushed and ran with that double stroller the entire way. I was about to die just pushing Hudson up the hilly course, so I know he had more than double the extra weight with the girls.  We finished still smiling though and were ready to get the kids in line for their 1K fun run.  Handley and Harper were pumped and had been talking about the run for weeks.

They both did great and ran the entire time and finished close to the front.  Hudson wanted so badly to run with them, but was a little unsure of the whole idea, so Robby and I ran with him and he finished the race, too!

After the race the real fun began when we made our way around to see each vendor at collect our free goodies.  The kids think this is the best part of the race!

After racing Robby solicited the help of Justen and Brad to move a few things at the new house so we hung out there a while and then rushed back to Gigi and Papa's to eat lunch and get ready for Harper's soccer game.  She did awesome during her game and it sure was a hot one. We all kept saying we were ready to jump in a swimming pool after sitting out in the heat.

After her game we went back to Gigi and Papa's to get cleaned up and then made our way to the Hawk's game that night.  I wasn't sure the kids would last after such a busy day, but we stayed until almost the very end and they had so much fun.  It was no surprise when they all fell asleep on the way home.

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