Sunday, April 13, 2014

Harper - 5 Years Old

I'm doing a major blog catch-up this evening with several posts.  This has been such an incredibly busy week and with Robby and I being out of town part of the week and then Harper's birthday and an equally busy weekend, I'm just now getting around to posting.  There were so many exciting things that happened though and I don't want to miss anything.

On Thursday morning, I woke up my sweet little 5 year old!  For the longest time, I would look at Harper and see the sweet little toddler she always was, but now I see her for what she really is...I beautiful little girl. She has been anticipating her 5th birthday for quite some time now and I was so happy her special day had finally arrived.

The morning was not as I would have liked for it to be - rushing everyone out the door bright and early to get Handley to school and then running all over town to get things to the house that needed to be there that morning - but we did make a run through the drive through to pick up donut holes for breakfast, which was a special birthday treat.

At school her teacher made her feel extra special.  She got a birthday card, crown, and bracelet to wear and she also got to blow out candles and have her friends sing "Happy Birthday" before blowing out candles and getting to enjoy a special birthday treat.

After school we didn't have time to go back to Gigi and Papa's that afternoon because of the traffic and we had to be back at Handley's school for a special 1st grade performance that evening.  So that is when the most incredible best friend in the world stepped in.  Seriously, Jen is the most thoughtful and giving person I know and I am so lucky to call her my best friend.  She invited us over for a little birthday party for Harper...complete with decorations and most importantly, cupcakes.  Harper felt so special and I was so grateful to Jen.

Later that evening we met up with Robby for a quick pizza dinner (Harper's choice), and then were off to Handley's musical performance.  She was so excited to sing with her classmates and did such a great job.

After the performance we finally got back to Gigi and Papa's house and let Harper open her gifts from us.  Hudson could not quite grasp why he wasn't getting any presents, but Harper was sweet enough to let him help open the gifts.

At five years old Harper:

  • is incredibly sweet and caring. 
  • has a wild hair and free spirit at times. 
  • is a girly girl, but also can get down and dirty with her tomboy side.
  • is incredibly sensitive and will cry at the drop of a hat. 
  • knows how to "push buttons" and does so with her siblings and then plays innocent. 
  • still sucks her thumb (a habit we are working very hard to break).
  • has a hard time making decisions and likes to prolong the decision making process on everything. 
  • is very social and loves being around her friends and all adults. 
  • runs everywhere and is still like a bull in a china shop. 
  • plays equally as well with Handley and she does with Hudson. 
  • loves sports and will most likely end up being our athlete. 

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