Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kindergarten Sneak-a-Peek

Today was the Kindergarten Sneak-a-Peek at the elementary school.  Harper was so excited and felt so grown-up to be there.  We sat in the cafeteria for a little bit, were introduced to all of the Kindergarten teachers, and then the kids got into groups to go with a teacher for about a half an hour to see a classroom, do a few activities, play games, etc.  Harper jumped right up when it was time for her group to go with the teacher.  While I don't like the idea of her growing up, I know that she is very ready for this next step and excited to be starting real school.  I have no doubt that she will excel next year and will love going to school with Handley.

Later this afternoon while we were waiting to pick up Handley from school, we made a run by Target.  Harper got a few Target gift cards for her birthday from my parents and Rylan.  She had been asking me when she could go pick something out, so today was the day.  Before we even got there she asked me if she would have enough money to buy something for Hudson. I told her it was her birthday present and that she didn't have to buy him something, but she insisted that he pick out a little car and he was thrilled.  I told him he needed to be really sweet to Harper since she was being so giving to him and he immediately started hugging her and saying how nice he was being.  :-)  (Side note - Each night at dinner we go around the table and everyone gets to say what their best part of the day was...tonight Hudson said his best part was when Harper bought him a car.   I just loved that!)

As we entered Target I tried to suggest that we look at the books, DVD's or maybe even some new flip-flops.  She told me she really wanted to get a toy though so we spent a solid 30 minutes walking up and down the same few aisles so she could decide what she wanted.  She hemmed and hawed about the same few items she was picking.  She'd put them in our cart, then she'd put them back, then she'd look at the larger ticket item she was eyeing.  Then she asked me how much longer until Christmas or her next birthday so she could put it on her list if she didn't get it today.  I finally had to tell her it was time to go and that sent her into a tailspin.  She felt pressured and unsure of her decisions, even though I tried to reassure her over and over that she had picked some things I knew she would love.  The whole way up to the checkout she was still fretting and at one point I took everything out of the cart and just told her we would have to come back another day when we had more time.  She finally made her decisions though and I think she is happy with them.  She chose a  scooter for her American Girl Doll, a baby carrier and a snow-cone maker.

I remembered using the same exact snow-cone maker when I was a kid and thinking it was the greatest thing, so I was excited to try it out as an after school treat for the kids.  Since I was the one doing most of the grinding today, it wasn't nearly as awesome as I remember it being years ago.  It took a good 10 minutes to get enough shaved ice to fill one teeny-tiny cup.  The kids loved it though and had fun trying to make their own.

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Stefanie said...

Such a sweet story about Harper thinking of Hudson. What a good big sister she is! And I totally remember using that same snow cone machine too!!!