Sunday, April 13, 2014

Harper's American Girl Party

Today we celebrated Harper turning 5 with a few of her closest friends at the American Girl Cafe.  I love planning my kids birthday parties, coming up with a theme, and have fun crafting all of the details.  This year though, since we still aren't in our house and we have so much else going on, I went with simple.  When I suggest the American Girl party to Harper she was thrilled and it was great for me because after sending out invitations to 6 of her closest friends, I literally didn't have to do another thing except show up there today.  They send you invitations to use, have the food, the cake, the favors and all.  It was just the kind of party I needed for her this year.

Harper was super excited for today. She received a new matching outfit for she and her doll for her birthday and they looked super cute all dressed up.

After getting there early to look around at the store a little bit, Harper's friends started arriving and she was so excited to see everyone.  A few of the girls at the party had never been to American Girl before, so they were in awe.

Harper really wanted a "drop-off" party so the moms got to shop at the mall while Gigi and I managed the girls during lunch.  They all were so sweet and did great!  Everyone enjoyed the yummy food, had fun with their dolls, and loved the cake!

Most importantly, Harper had a blast and loved getting to celebrate with her friends.  It was the perfect way to round out our sweet girl turning 5!

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Carrie said...

Annabelle loved looking at these pictures. She had the best time and said that the macaroni and cheese was SO GOOD!!! She was also very excited about the new hair bow for her doll. Thanks again for inviting her and you get thank you cards out faster than anyone I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy COW!