Sunday, December 1, 2013

UGA vs. GA Tech

Yesterday the kids got to experience their first UGA game.  They all love the Bulldogs and were so excited to go to a game in person!  My cousin, Bryn, works for the GA Tech Athletic Dept. and was able to get us all tickets.

A HUGE thank you to Bryn for getting us tickets! 

Handley kept asking why we were going so early before the game and I was trying to explain to her what tailgating was.  She couldn't quite understand and seemed confused.  However, after we got parked and were walking through the crowds of tailgaters looking for our friends I looked at her and said, "THIS is tailgating!"  She loved it!  There was music, food, and lots of fun. :-)

We tailgated with a big group including my Trey, Stefanie and Sophia.  Bryn was able to sneak away from work for a little bit to join us, too.  Her mom and dad (my aunt and uncle) and her brother were also in town visiting for Thanksgiving so it was a big family affair.

Hudson loved tailgating.  He kept running around, playing football with anyone who would throw with him, high-fiving the Chick-fil-a cow that walked by, and was in awe of the guy playing music at our tailgate. He stood there for a good 10 minutes just listening and watching him.

Hudson was so tired by the end of the tailgate that he grabbed his paci and layed down for a rest amongst all of the noise.

The girls had fun also.  They were happy to see all of our family, watch for cheerleaders who we spotted several times, and play corn hole.

When it was time for the game we made our way to the seats and watched what was a really bad 1st half.  I got worried that UGA wouldn't be able to come back, but thankfully we pulled out a win!  The kids loved cheering, eating popcorn and drinking sprite!  We didn't make it for the whole game because Hudson was starting to fade and we wanted to beat the crowds out of the stadium.  We listened to the rest of the game on the radio though.

They all did so great that I'm hoping we can make it to Athens for a game next year.

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