Sunday, December 8, 2013

Birthday Parties and Gingerbread Houses

Our weekend started a little early when Harper played hooky from school to go to a birthday party.  A friend in her dance class (who only goes to school 4 days a week) was having a Paris themed party and I gave Harper the option of missing school to go to the party or missing the party and going to school.  She had the hardest time deciding, but ultimately decided to go to the party. I figure this is the last year where she can really miss school for stuff like this and have it not matter. The party was precious and she left with one of the prettiest cookies I had ever seen.  

On Saturday she had another birthday party for her best friend at school, Katelyn.  Katelyn's party was a fairy party and her mom planned every perfect detail.  It was a drop-off party, which Harper was thrilled about!  She painted a fairy house, got decked out with a fairy crown and wings, and learned special directions for using the fairy dust she came home with.

This afternoon the kids had a gingerbread making extravaganza.  Gigi planned the whole thing and put together every thing last night after they went to bed. Today all they had to do was decorate, eat lots of candy, and complete their masterpieces.

Hudson, who at first though the icing was glue, seemed perplexed when he got some on his finger and we told him he could lick it off.  After that he was pretty much done decorating and on a full-time mission to eat as much icing as possible.

The girls took their decorating very seriously and worked hard to complete their houses.

The completed village looks just perfect and the entire project was so much fun for them to do (and us to watch).

Our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie, must like sweets too because this morning the kids found him roasting his own marshmallows.  :-)

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Renee said...

I bet Gigi is eating up every sweet second of having her grandkids in her house. Sweet memories for your kids too!