Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Cards and a Big Boy Bed

We just love getting mail this time of year!  Christmas cards are my favorite kind of mail to receive and every afternoon we are excited to open up all of the cards and see the pictures everyone has sent.  I keep all of our cards in a basket so the kids can easily flip through and look at pictures of their friends and our family members.

I wanted to share the pictures of we used on our cards this year.  It was FREEZING the day we decided to do our pictures.  My best friend, Jen, and her family met us one afternoon at a park so we could get our pictures done.  She always takes our pictures and I was happy to take theirs for her.  She always does our pictures and designs my cards for me (one awesome perk of having a photographer as your best friend -

While we were at the park that day the kids got a few minutes to play around on the playground and I took a few other pictures while we were waiting. 

In other big news this week, Hudson decided that he wanted to make a major transition on his own timing.  The room he sleeps in at Gigi and Papa's house has a crib and a bed.  He has always slept in the crib, but on Thursday night as he was ready for bed he told me he wanted to go to sleep in the big bed.  I was a little surprised, but I tucked him in and fully expected him to climb out within a few minutes.  Turns out he fell asleep there and ended up sleeping all night in the bed.  Friday night and tonight I tucked him in there, too, and he likes to tell me he is a big boy in his big bed.  I'm happy he has seemed to make this transition on his own because my plan was to put him in a bed when we moved into the new house and now he will be all set for that.  Now I'm just hoping he decides to do the same easy transition on his own timing with potty training, too! 

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Carrie said...

Loved your Christmas card and I can't wait for us to get together. It has been strange to have not done some type of play date Christmas celebration...

Emerson has been asking to be in a big boy bed as well but we are waiting until after our ski trip in Feb when he will still be sleeping in a travel crib!

You guys have an awesome Christmas and fun visit at your parents.