Monday, December 9, 2013

6th Annual Pink Pig/Santa Trip

Since Handley was 18 months old, we have been going to ride the Pink Pig and see Santa with Tiara and Avery.  A few years later Christy and her kids joined our Christmas tradition and now it is one of the most anticipated outings we have during the year.  This was our 6th year and our 1st year stroller free.

We met at the mall right after school today and the combination of it being Monday and being a rainy day worked in our favor because we only had a wait a few minutes for the ride.

For those who aren't familiar, the Pink Pig is a ride that is long-standing Atlanta tradition each Christmas.  It's like a virtual story-book about Pricilla the Pink Pig.

The kids were all excited to ride and Hudson loved it.

After the ride it was time to head off to see SANTA!  The kids had written letters to Santa yesterday in preparations for our visit today.

Waiting in line was tricky because the kids were so excited they kept trying to sneak peeks at him and Hudson couldn't help himself from trying to inch his way closer and closer.  It wasn't long though and then it was our turn!

The kids shared their lists, had a quick little chat with Santa and then posed for a sweet picture.  They hugged him goodbye and walked away all smiles. It was a magical moment.

We ended our outing with dinner at the food court and then cotton candy treats from a kiosk they had spotted earlier.  It was quite possibly our best year yet!


Carrie said...

These pictures are so great!!! I miss all of you guys. Annabelle is asking Santa for a razor scooter too!

Renee said...

Reese wants a globe too! So funny!

Atkinson Family said...

Love it! thanks for meeting up to continue the tradition! Xoxo

Ashleigh Finger said...

So cute! We are going Thursday and I can't wait!!