Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas is Here!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day and it was so much fun with the kids this year.  They woke us up excited and ready to go see if Santa and come.

He did!  The only thing Harper cared about getting this year was an iPod touch, but Santa had to come up with some other things she might have fun with, too.

Handley's list was a little longer, but she was extra good this year and got everything she hoped for.

All three kids got these classic big blocks...

Hudson is suddenly fascinated with tools, so Santa knew a tool bench would be the perfect gift.

As they came down the stairs I heard Handley say, "I got everything I asked for!" and Harper was beyond excited about her gifts, too.  

Hudson took his time moving from one thing to the next, but was all smiles all morning.

After checking out all their goodies from Santa we had breakfast and then started opening gifts from one another.

One of my favorite things is taking each of the kids shopping for their siblings.  They are so thoughtful in their selections and so excited to wrap and give each other their gifts.

The girls really got into the gift giving this year and wrapped up all sorts of gifts for all of the adults.  Mine had some of their princess lipgloss, red and green pony-tail holders, and a $5 bill (which they told us was to help pay for our new house).  It was the sweetest thing and I'm just really happy that they are learning how to be so giving. Papa got some (used) Minnie Mouse chap-stick and nicely said that he already had lots of chap-stick if they wanted to have it back, but they insisted he keep it, along with the $1 bill they gave him.  It was so cute because they were so proud of themselves.  :-)

Handley was extremely thoughtful today and kept thanking us over and over for everything we gave her.

Hudson has not quite learned to be so gracious yet and had no problem bringing me a gift that he wasn't interested in and saying, "I no like this one." It was hard to live up to the Jake and the Neverland Pirates ship and cannon launcher from Gigi and Papa that he has been obsessed with since he opened it.  He was thrilled by the nerf shooters Handley gave him and the toy army gun he received (something I never would have given him at this early of an age, but he is obsessed with them when he visits at Rylan's house so I broke down and this dollar store toy was one of his favorites from today).

Hudson played outside for the longest time with Robby and didn't mind at all that he was still in his pj's.  He was bundled up felt like a popsicle when they came in, but he was still crying to go back out.  He settled for running around and shooting nerf guns with his Daddy inside.

Handley was a bracelet making fool and spent hours making bracelets for everyone with her Rainbow Loom Kit.  While she did this she listened to the song from the Disney movie, Frozen, over and over and over on her new device (which is really an old iPhone Santa gave her with a fun new cover).  I probably heard that song at least 50 times today and I'm happy that she can use her headphones in the car tomorrow for our long drive to see my parents.

Harper took pictures of everything she could possibly think of to capture the day and loved informing everyone of the time and weather (by looking at her iPod), writing in her diary, and organizing all of her lip glosses and other goodies from today.

Like Hudson, I didn't even get out of my pajamas today, but with no where to be it was nice to just have a day around the house to let the kids play, hang out as a family, and celebrate a laid back Christmas!

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Stefanie said...

Love this post! Trey and I are laughing here in the car reading about Hudson saying "I no like this one." Classic ;). So glad you had a wonderful Christmas and can't wait to continue the fun with y'all in Wilmington!