Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Happenings

This weekend we got busy with all sorts of fun stuff happening around here. We wrapped lots of gifts, decorated lots of cookies, and had lots of down time (which I was most excited about).

On Saturday night we dropped Handley at her first slumber party!  She was beyond excited about going to this party for her best friend from school.  Handley has spent the night out at a friend's house before, but this was the first time at a real slumber party with more than one friend.  The brave mom and dad had 4 girls in all (so small, but still lots of girly squeals, giggles, and games).  I got a text around 10:00 PM that all the girls were settled down for the night and almost asleep and then another one the next morning that they were all up, had eaten donuts for breakfast, and were back to playing and having fun.  When I picked her up on Sunday she had pink hair spray, face paint, and the biggest smile.  She kept saying how much fun she had!

While she was doing that the rest of us were at our Christmas dinner club.  We usually do a Christmas PJ theme each year and this year Brian and Lisa kept that tradition going.  Harper loved being in charge of the little ones and took her job very seriously since Handley wasn't there.

On Sunday afternoon the Posener girls got busy decorating what seemed like hundreds of cookies that Gigi baked.  Harper and Handley got really creative with their decorations and we have all be enjoying the cookies ever since.

The kids and I took advantage of today being the first official day of Christmas break and did what I call our "summer schedule" because it is how our summers usually go.  We stay up late and all sleep in the next morning.  It was just what we all needed.  After breakfast we hurried to get ready for a Gingerbread House playdate.  Jen hosted the fun at her house and the kids all had lots of fun decorating their houses, eating the sweets, and playing together.

We spent the rest of the day running around doing last minute things before Christmas Eve tomorrow!

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Julie, the mama said...

Oh my word; that table was FULL of cookies! I know they had a blast decorating those.

And that slumber party sounds awesome. I'm impressed all the girls were settled down so (relatively) early!