Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting our Easter activities

This week are gearing up for Easter and despite the fact that it was SNOWING today, we are still enjoying all of the Easter activities.

Yesterday we dyed eggs.  I had originally planned to do this with the girls while Hudson was napping, but then I got busy doing laundry and other things around the house and then it was time for Hudson to wake up so he got to participate, too.  The girls were loving it and Hudson was REALLY loving it.  I mean, just look at the excitement on his sweet face!  

Every time I let him help me put an egg in the dye he would say, "MORE!!!" and grab for another one.   We were cracking up at how much fun he was having.  Things got a little messy, but because I wasn't letting him do it by himself we were OK.

Today our playgroup had an egg hunt.  The girls were so excited about the first hunt of the season and getting the candy in the eggs.  Hudson was happy to get to carry around his basket and also had fun hunting for eggs.  The eggs were hidden all over the play-set area which was fun because they had to climb up to find some of the eggs.

After all the eggs were found they kids enjoyed cupcakes and juice and then got to play, play, play. I was most in awe of the fact that Hudson, who doesn't want me to help him with anything anymore, was climbing and sliding and playing with all the big kids just like he was one of the big kids.  He also sat at the picnic table beside his buddy, Jake, and enjoyed his snack without smashing it all over his clothes. He is growing up faster than I want, but I love seeing him becoming such a little independent person.  By the time we were all thoroughly frozen we came inside to play a little more and then had pizza for dinner together. It was a great night with great friends.  My kids love when they get to eat dinner with their friends and so do I!  I love every single one of them.


Alison said...

Hudson's excitement is adorable! I know I should have let Rory do it too, but I took the easy way out and got it done during a nap :) Next year!

Carrie said...

Very sweet post - glad the kids had fun and I decided to go ahead and do the hunt even though it was so last minute!