Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter Sunday.  The kids were excited to wake up and check out their Easter Baskets this morning.  It wasn't until I was looking back at the pictures that I realized two of the three were wearing Christmas pajamas on Easter.

The item Handley was most excited about is her Silly Putty.  She has carried it around with her ALL day and even went to bed playing with it.  She was pretty amused when I told her that I used to play with Silly Putty when I was a little girl and that it was even around when her grandparents were little.

The girls and I went to church and then home to pick up Hudson and Robby before heading to Gigi and Papa's house.  On the drive to their house Handley kept singing VERY loudly in the car and it was starting to get to me after I had asked her several times to please sing a little more quietly.  The last time I told her to quiet down she was singing Jesus Loves Me at the top of her lungs and she said, "I'm just so excited because it is Easter and it is about Jesus being alive in Heaven, not candy and eggs, and I just want to sing!"  So sing, I let her! I was happy about her excitement and the fact that she understood the reason we celebrate Easter, but I still asked her to sing a little softer until we were not all sitting so close to her in the car.

As soon as we got to Gigi and Papa's house the kids ran in and immediately saw eggs hidden all over inside.  The rain couldn't stop their fun and they ran from room to room finding cleverly hidden eggs.

After a delicious meal it cleared up so we went outside to let the kids play a little.

Harper was fascinated by this flower growing in a crack in the driveway. 

Hudson went right for the puddles and his pants were soaked.  Nothing says fun like playing outside in your diaper! 


Samantha said...

So cute -- We wear our Christmas jammies year around too :). They are so adorable and getting so big!

Julie, the mama said...

Love the family picture, and I laughed about the singing in the car. Hendley does that, too and a few times I've not said anything, but most of the time, it ends with me YELLING, "STOP SINGING SO LOUD." And then I laugh at the irony of me SCREAMING for her to stop SINGING.