Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My side-kick

I absolutely love each day I spend with Hudson while the girls are in school even more than the day before.  He is FULL of personality and although he can be hard-headed at times, he is as sweet as they come and so much fun to be around.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I am sad that he is no longer a baby, but I'm thankful he is making this toddler phase so much fun, because I am LOVING it.  

He's a great side-kick for anything we might have planned.  From errands to chores around the house he is always right by my side.  Today after dropping off the girls we ran a few errands and he is constantly flirting with everyone, waving hello and goodbye, and pointing at/naming everything in sight...all while toting a floral purse filled with play coins and a plastic baby fork.  Random, I know, but he still has an obsession with bags (and now coins, too, which he calls "money-money").  He also decides to break out with a little "ring-around-the-rosie" in the most random places and especially love the "all fall down" part and does it with such enthusiasm.  When we got home he played while I did a little cleaning and then he helped me unload the dishwasher. He was incredibly proud of himself for handing me the plates and loved even more when he got to put away some things in the lower cabinets by much so that he kept coming back and asking for more.

When it's time to pick up the girls form school he is always happy to go. He walks in that pre-school like he owns the place and eagerly gives the teachers, director and anyone else who will a high-five, hug or wave.  When we get to the girls' rooms he disregards the fact that you are supposed to wait in line to pick up your kid. Instead he pushes his way to the front and walks right in the class making a bee-line for the girls.  After saying an excited, "Hey!" to them he starts making the rounds giving high-fives to anyone who wants one.  He then usually heads back out the door, giving the teachers a hug or high-five on his way out.  It cracks me up and I'm thankful that the teachers don't seem to mind because if I tried to hold him back from doing it he would most definitely pitch a fit.

This evening while Handley was dancing, I took Harper and Hudson for a regular Chick-fil-a dinner and the most exciting thing about that meal was the fact that the cow was there and Harper was EXCITED to see him.  We have come a long way from her crying hysterically at the sight of him.  She and Hudson both ran up to him repeatedly giving hugs and high-fives.  

When we got home the kids were so excited that it was still light out they took off running circles around the front yard. 

Then Robby pulled up and they all went crazy.  He gets the best welcome home each night. 

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