Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our Saturday

Despite waking up to thunderstorms this morning we still managed to have a fantastic day!  We went to a first birthday party for one of our neighbors that lives down the street.  His mom planned the cutest circus/carnival themed party complete with all sorts of games and prizes.  Of course the original plan of the party being outdoors had to be changed, but it didn't seem to phase anyone and all of the kids still had lots of fun.  As everyone arrived they got to dress up for a picture.  

After the party we had to quickly get the house cleaned up for a showing and then left to kill some time until we could come back home.  First up was Home Depot.  The kids had so much fun pretend to caulk a bathtub, picking out new front doors, and checking out every appliance in the place.  The loved the "hideouts" they found and trying to herd them all through there was entertaining.

We ran in a few other stores and Hudson loved trying on sunglasses with me while Harper picked herself out a new bag.  She was really disappointed when I informed her that we weren't buying the bag and she told me that for her birthday she wanted a new BIG bag like the one she was carrying around.  

Bryn came over to visit this evening and stayed for dinner.  The girls always LOVE getting to see her and so do we.  Hudson is usually a little guarded (mostly because I think he's afraid I'm going to leave), but today was a different story. He was LOVING sitting in her lap, trying to feed her the appetizer, and getting his picture taken with her.  He kept posing and asking for more pictures.  It was so cute!

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