Thursday, March 14, 2013

Donuts with Dad

The girls have been looking forward to today since the first day of school.  It was Donuts with Dad day and they couldn't wait for Robby to take them to school, have donuts with them, and get to go to chapel.  

Hudson wanted in on the picture, too and was not excited when he learned that he didn't get to go with them. 

From the reports I got, everyone had a wonderful time until it was time for Robby to leave.  Harper got really upset and started boo-hooing right in the middle of chapel because she was sad he had to go.  She did the same thing last year and I had a fleeting idea that she might get upset, but thought surely since she loves school so much and is a year older she would be fine.  That daddy's girl proved me wrong though.  

In Handley's class her teacher showed the pictures and read the answers to the questions the kids answered and the dads had to guess if it was about them.  I got a kick out of her answers.  I asked her if Robby was able to know that was about him from her answers and she said, "Well kind of, but mostly he could tell because that the picture I drew looked just like us." I loved that comment and her drawing on so many levels.  Especially love Robby's plaid work shirt, Handley's gorgeous eye lashes and the hearts surrounding them.  Both my girls are Daddy's Girls.  

After Handley's gymnastics class this afternoon we made a quick stop by Stefanie's house to drop off some food I had made for them and to say a quick hello.  The girls were excited to see Sophia again and even more excited when they got to hold her for the first time.  It is seriously all they talked about the rest of the evening.  As Handley was holding her Harper kept reaching over for her turn.  She just could NOT control her arms or wait a second longer because she wanted so badly to cuddle that sweet baby.   Before they got to hold her Handley just stood over where she was laying and kept touching her feet and smiling at her with adoration.  Hudson was too busy eating snacks and trying to jump on the furniture to pay too much attention to Sophia.  However, when we got them all on the couch together for a picture he looked right at her, pointed and said, "baby!"  I can't wait for these sweet cousins to grow up together.


Julie, the mama said...

Hate to tell ya, but it's a good thing Sofia is here because there is NOTHING baby about Hudson anymore. OH MY GOSH, that boy has grown a mile in the last few weeks.

Jennifer said...

Love this post! Just now catching up on my blogs! I laughed at Handley's info on Robby. :)