Friday, March 22, 2013

It doesn't take much

Earlier this week I put the girls to work stuffing Easter Eggs for all our upcoming egg hunts and we started talking about how this will be the first year that Hudson will be able to actually participate in the hunts.  I suggested we do a practice run so he could get the hang of it before the real deal.  

This afternoon after his nap the kids waited in the bedroom downstairs while I hid the eggs and then I passed out their baskets and let them loose.  Hudson immediately knew what to do and after he picked up the first few eggs he said, "MORE!" and ran off to the next egg.  

Handley and Harper had just as much fun as Hudson and we did the hunts over and over again all over the house. I always love when I realize that it doesn't take much to entertain and exited the kids. 

Handley had an exciting day at school today.  The Kindergarten classes had a wedding for the letters "Q" and "U" complete with a reception serving punch and cake.  The teachers went ALL out with the decorations, props, and made it all look just like a real wedding.  They even had rose petals and table cloths on their tables for the reception and a guest book the kids all signed.  All the kids had roles to play and Handley was a musician.  She showed me how they had to walk slowly down the aisle and was excited that she even came home with bubbles as a favor.  I think she will definitely always remember that the letters Q and U go together. :-)  

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Ashleigh Finger said...

I loved this because this afternoon I hid eggs for Cohen over and over in the house! She was in heaven!

And the wedding for Q & U is the cutest thing I've ever heard!