Sunday, March 17, 2013

AWESOME Weekend Weather

There is no other way to describe this weekend's weather except AWESOME!  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we had temperatures in the mid 70's and it felt SO wonderful.  I know it's a nice tease for spring since it is going to get cold again this week, but we will take what we can get and loved every second of it.

Friday afternoon we met some friends and the playground. After playing a long while I probably gave the kids the "5 more minutes" warning 5 times, but an hour later we were still there.  We had no real plans for dinner and we were just having too much fun to leave.  When we did eventually make it home Robby had just beaten us there and started washing the cars.  The kids quickly joined in to help and this was Hudson's first experience washing the cars.  He had a blast, although they were all soaked by the end of it. 

On Saturday we grilled out with Gigi and Papa and then the girls spent the night with them.  Handley and Harper had made Leprechaun traps earlier this week to try to catch the sneaky little guys to get their gold.  They took them to Gigi and Papa's house and those tricky Leprechauns did all sorts of crazy things at their house.  When I talked to the girls this afternoon they told me the leprechauns were too smart to be trapped, but they did leave footprints everywhere, give the girls green kisses on their foreheads while they were sleeping and make a special breakfast.

We had a showing this afternoon so while I was getting the house cleaned up and in order Robby took Hudson on a bike ride. He's gone in the bike trailer once before, but it has been a while so I don't think he remembered.  He seemed so excited to go and did not want to leave Robby's side as he was getting it all ready.

Tonight we hosted dinner club and grilled out while the kids all played outside.  It was the perfect way to end this weekend!
When Hudson wasn't digging in the dirt he spent the rest of the time in the sandbox with Handley.

Will and Parker doing a little lawn maintenance 

I love that the kids are all old enough to have a "kids table" 

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