Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crazy Game, Crazy Showing and First Crush

This post is going to contain several random thoughts and stories that aren't necessarily related, but I want to share them all anyway.

1.  When I'm in the kitchen either getting a meal ready or cleaning up a meal (which, by the way, usually takes twice as long as the prep and our actual eating time), Hudson gets bored.  He will cling onto my leg or whine for his paci.  I think a lot of it might be because a lot of the toys we used to keep downstairs are put away and hidden with the house being on the market.  I saw an idea on Pinterest to let toddlers play with craft pom-poms.  I bought some last week and he loved them for a few days. He'd scoop them with measuring cups, pour them into different containers, etc. I think he loved them because they look like little balls.  He quickly discovered that it was also fun for him to throw them everywhere and make a huge mess spreading them around because they just roll in 47 different directions.  Over the weekend I asked the girls to clean them up so that we could head up and get ready to go to bed.  As soon as they got them back into their container, Hudson would sneak behind them and pour them out.

This happened several times and at first they were upset with him, but then they realized it was kind of a fun game so they started making piles of the balls and just waiting for him to come and knock them all around.

They were cracking themselves up and because they were so tickled it got me laughing, too. Hudson feeds off of them and once he saw them laughing at him he hammed it up and kept doing it over and over.  This game went on for a long while and I just love how the three of them play together so well now.  Hudson thinks he is so big and wants to be right in the thick of things.

2.  Saturday night we had our first showing that I wasn't totally prepared for.  Heck, I wasn't even a little bit prepared for it.  We were around the house all day and so every possible toy, book, and snack was pulled out at one point during the day.  I kept thinking we might get a call for someone to see the house, but when 4:00 rolled around I figured we were in the clear.  We left shortly after that to visit Gigi, who is recovering from her knee surgery, and have dinner with she and Papa.  We got almost to their house and someone called me and asked to "pop in" for a quick look at our house.  I hated to turn someone away, but I warned the guy that we had three small children and that we were not home so the house was a mess.  He assured me that his clients had something very specific they were looking for in a home and they would look past the toys.  I told him it was more than just toys, but didn't go into any detail.  In my mind though I was thinking about my vacuum had quit working earlier that day so there were smashed Cheez-Its in the rug, Handley's 100th day of school project drying on the dining room table, Valentine's the girls had made on the counter, and that was just a few things on the first floor.  I had to laugh and just let my embarrassment go because I've heard tons of stories about people selling their house the one time they didn't make it perfect.  Not thinking this was the time for us, but it was still  funny to come home later that night and see our house in it's normal "lived-in" state and wonder what they thought while they were here.

3.  Today as we were leaving school from picking up Handley she said good-bye to one of her friends, Chase, and he ran up to give her a hug before smiling at her and waving bye.  That was the first time I've ever seen her show any interest in a boy (unlike her boy-crazy sister).  I didn't mention anything about it, but later tonight somehow the topic of boyfriends came up while Robby was talking to the girls before bed.  He asked Handley what a boyfriend is and she said it's a boy that you like the best.  Robby asked, "Like me?" and she said, "yes...and my sweet Hudson." :-)  Then she told me that she and Chase from school said to each other today that they would be girlfriend and boyfriend.  Robby and I just played it off not making a big deal, but I think it's super cute that she has a first crush.  Or that he has a crush on her.  I haven't quite gotten to the bottom of that one...yet.


Julie, the mama said...

ok, so the pom pom game had me laughing, the crazy showing had me dreading putting our house on the market, and then the Handley crush??? OH MY GOSH, can this REALLY be happening. It's funny, I think I can laugh off Harper and Anna Bea being boy crazy, but our big girls??? Oh, that just gets me all sorts of sentimental. I read the part about Handley, and before I knew what hit me, I had our big girls in 10th grade and going out on dates.

Thankfully, I had enough wits about me to go back to the pom pom story. And as long as our big girls think it is fun to chase pom poms across the room (and my kids would all think that was hilarious, too), we've got some time before 10th grade rolls around. whew!!!

Erin said...

There is something so sweet watching your kids play and laugh so hard together. I pray for them to be lifelong best friends!