Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 3 - Disney World!!!

We woke up bright and early Monday morning ready to spend the day at the happiest place on earth...Disney World!!!

Hudson was definitely not feeling well, but he was a trooper and still managed to have fun, too.  You'll notice he has his paci in almost every picture.  I wasn't about to deny by sick baby the one thing that would make him happy.

We got to see lots of characters and ride lots of rides.  The park was a lot more crowded than we had expected for a random Monday in February, but I guess there are always tons of people there.

Our first ride wasn't even a ride at all, but after waiting an hour in line we discovered it was a "tour" through the Beast's castle and we got to help act out when Belle first meet the Beast.  Harper immediately got terrified thinking we would actually see the beast.  She finally calmed down after all the parts had been assigned. Handley got to play the part of Mrs. Potts and she was so excited to be in the show.  Then we learned that she was actually going to get to act out her part with the real Belle!  She was thrilled.

Belle is Harper's favorite princess so after she realized that the Beast wasn't going to be there she was happy to run up and get a picture with Belle, too!

Next up was more rides and more characters.  Harper is usually scared of characters that don't look like real people, but this trip she did SO great.  She was afraid of some of the scary looking ones during the parade, but she loved seeing the white rabbit from Alice and Wonderland and loved Mickey and Minnie, too.  Hudson loved seeing them and would run right up to give them a hug or high five.  He isn't in many of the pictures though because he would run back to me before we were able to snap the picture.

Hudson finally took a little rest in the stroller while the girls did some of the bigger rides.

If you look way up there in the very front car of that roller coaster you will see two brave little girls.  I was shocked that Handley had talked Harper into sitting in the very front and even more shocked that as they got off the ride they both said how much they loved it.  Harper kept saying, "I wasn't even scared one little bit!"  

Hudson woke up just as the girls and Robby were getting on the teacups.  After their first ride they hopped back in line so that they could take him on the ride, too.

As he woke up better he enjoyed some of the other rides and had fun flying high on the magic carpet ride and seeing the Under the Sea world where all of Ariel's friends live.  He definitely wasn't feeling well, but was such a trooper and we made it until about 5 PM before we decided it was time to leave.  Before that we had given them the option of riding one more ride or seeing the princesses.  Not sure why I even asked them since I knew the answer to that question.  It was such a magical experience because the princesses and princes all chat with the kids, ask them questions and really interact with them.  Also, because it was the week of Valentine's Day they were passing out special autographed Valentine's to all of the kids.  The girls are treasuring those!

Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) even had the girls dancing with her and twirling their skirts.

Hudson was all about giving them high fives and hugs!

We had a wonderful time and although it was only a day we packed in a lot of fun and the kids left feeling like they had the best day ever!  

* I drove home with the kids today and Robby had to stay in FL to do some work.  It rained the whole way home and because Hudson really isn't feeling well the ride was not the easiest, but we made it home safely and he and I will be visiting the pediatrician's office first thing in the morning.


Renee said...

What a great trip! And I LOVE the girls skirts. Did you make those??

Carrie said...

Did you get the girls skirts on Etsy? Annabelle has one just like it that she wore to Disney last year and I found it on Etsy! Looks like you guys had a great time. Hudson is a trooper!

Ashleigh Finger said...

I had to show Cohen this post and she was so excited! We leave for Disney tomorrow morning and she is pumped. I'm saying a prayer for the long ride down with Miss Kate! :) Loved the pictures!