Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from my crew to yours!  

We started our Valentine activities a little early yesterday when we went to deliver hand-made cards to the residents at a local assisted living home.  One of the moms in Harper's class had organized this project and kids from lots of the classes at their school made the cards.  Several of the kids helped pass them out yesterday and I think they got just as much enjoyment out of it as the sweet elderly residents did.

The girls were super excited about celebrating Valentines Day at their school parties today.  They worked very hard writing all of their cards and couldn't wait to pass them out to their friends and teachers. 

For their parties they had lunch, dessert and then did a craft and played several games I had found on Pinterest.  For one they had to stack conversation hearts in a tower and see who could get the tallest tower in one minute without them falling over.  The other was using a straw to suction conversation hearts from one plate to another and see how could do the most in one minute.  Both games were so simple, but the kids all loved them.   

They came home and immediately went through their bags to see what kind of cards and goodies they got form their friends.  

A huge THANK YOU to Jen for watching Hudson for me while I was running back and forth between the two parties.  Speaking of Hudson, he has another double ear infection and I'm just praying that after being on antibiotics a few days he will start feeling better and sleeping better!  


Renee said...

I bet you are a great room mom!

And thanks for the info on the skirt. I love them and def want to get one for Reese. I know she won't be wearing cute skirts like that for much longer. :-(

Julie, the mama said...

ok, I am IN LOVE with the assisted living/valentines card idea. Will most definitely put that on the list. If I didn't think my germ magnet kids would spread the crud to all of the old folks, I would take them up there tomorrow to pass out our leftover cards.

And double YAY for people who can help out with the babies while we get to have fun at parties. Bill saved the day for me at the last minute today, and I wouldn't have been happier had he driven up with a brand new BMW with a big red bow. The thought of dragging Boss and Anna Bea to Hendley's party was daunting.

Hope that ear infection goes away in a HURRY.