Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bribery at its best

The only thing we had on the calendar for today was a birthday party after lunch.  Robby got up bright and early to go skeet shooting with some friends, but the kids and I enjoyed sleeping in and hanging around the house.  We enjoyed it a little too much because it was 11:30 before I knew it and we ended up rushing to get to the 1:00 party.   It was a music class party and all three of the kids loved singing, playing the instruments and dancing along with the music.

One thing happened today that I'm probably more excited about than I should be...bribery at its best.  I'm not above bribing the kids with an M&M or Smarties if they pose and smile for a picture.  Hudson has always been the hardest one to get a smile out of when he is in front of the camera.  And, I really can't even get him to sit long enough for a picture most times.  Well, that has all changed because today when he didn't want his picture taken I told him I'd give him a candy heart if he stood with the girls.  You should have seen how quickly he went running to get into position with them.  The girls kept laughing and saying, "say cheese for candy" and he would do it!

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Julie, the mama said...

Hey - whatever it takes to get the shot! Enjoy it while you can. My kids are to the point now where they are like - keep your candy, lady, we are NOT posting for anymore pictures.