Thursday, February 21, 2013

Workout Video

A few weeks ago I bought a workout video at Target.  I had decided I was tired of not being able to get outside and walk/run due to the cold and with a video I could do it anytime of day indoors.  And then the video sat on the kitchen counter for a few weeks.  The kids were off school on Monday for Presidents Day and Handley asked me that morning when I was ever going to watch the video.  I took that as my sign that it was time to give it a try.  She hoped on my bed ready to watch it with me when I had to explain to her that we don't actually sit and watch it (although it would be nice to still get the results that way), instead that I was going to follow along with what they were doing on the video. You should have seen her eyes light up.  She told me to hang on and she ran to her room and returned a few minutes later wearing her "workout clothes" and announced she was going to do it with me.

So we did.  And I was laughing so hard because not only did Handley want to join in the fun, but Harper and Hudson did too.  Harper took on the roll of coach and bossed us all around just like the girl on the TV.  Hudson surprised me by trying to copy exactly what she was showing us to do.  Then he'd do a couple of laps around us and throw himself on the ground to roll around.  When we finished the 30 minutes I had definitely worked up a sweat and felt good. Handley said, "That was SO much fun...let's do it again!"  So you know what, we did!

I'm thinking the second time was probably what did me in because I was so sore the next morning that I could hardly get out of bed, much less bend down to pick up anything off the ground.  Every day this week Handley has asked me if I did my video while she was at school because if not she didn't want to miss doing it with me.  I had to take a break yesterday because I still couldn't reach down to tie my shoes, but this afternoon we were back at it.  And again, all three kids were thinking it was tons of fun.

When we weren't getting in shape the kids had an awesome day.

Hudson and I went to chapel with the girls and I just love how excited he is to be there with them.  He loves singing songs, clapping along, and he always runs up to give Mrs. Cindi (the director of the pre-school and leader of chapel) a high-five on the way out...just like the big kids do.  He is talking so much now and everyday I'm surprised by the new things he is saying.  After chapel we ran a few errands and then it was time for his tumbling class, which he loves.

After school Harper had a playdate with a friend from her class.  There is a little girl she has gotten to be pretty close with and she was really excited to get to play at her house.  In fact, all the kids loved getting to play somewhere new.  Next up was Handley's gymnastics class and on the way home Hudson and Harper crashed from our busy non-stop day.  Hudson stayed asleep when we got home and slept on the floor a while longer just like he did a few weeks ago.  You can tell by looking at his outfit the amount of fun he had today.  What a messy boy!!!  (Apple sauce on his shirt, sidewalk chalk on his shoes and pants, and marker all over his hands and neck.)

Handley just loves gymnastics and is really getting good at her cartwheel.  She also has mastered her bridge, which she proudly showed us this evening.

And I just had to include this picture.  A few nights ago Harper wanted to brush her doll's hair, but it was time for bed so I told her she could do it just a minute before she went to sleep.  When I peeked in her room to check on her I found her with the lights off, wearing her head lamp, and going to town on her doll's tangled hair like she was performing surgery.


Julie, the mama said...

There is NO way I could possibly hit on everything that made me laugh or say AWWWWW in this blog, but I'll try.

The workout video fun...oh my heavens, THAT is the kind of fun only a mama could appreciate. The thought of all of y'all just getting your Jane Fonda On just cracked me up.

Almost as much as Harper and that headlamp. Girlfriend had a plan!

Hudson on that floor sleeping was precious. There are SO MANY things I LOVE about these 3rd kids.

We are, as I know you know, sooooo blessed, CB!!!

Ashleigh Finger said...

I wish Cohen could motivate me like that! Love the pictures especially Harper's head lamp! Hudson and Kate would make great friends, I feel like her clothes look like that every day :)