Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sound Asleep

Check out these pictures of Hudson, sound asleep on the living room floor.  He doesn't like to miss out on the fun and today instead of catching a quick nap before Handley's gymnastics class he powered through and kept himself awake in the car by singing.  During her class he had fun visiting with all of the people there and begging me for more snacks.  He finally crashed on the way home.  I let him sleep in the car for a little while, but wanted him to wake up so he'd go back to bed tonight. I brought him in and put him on the floor with a pillow so he could start waking up.  He got comfy and cuddled up and stayed asleep for another half an hour until I woke him up.

We had an awesome day.  I went to chapel with the girls at school this morning and Hudson did great.  Sometimes he can be loud and I spend most of the time trying to keep him quiet, but today he was really good. He loves singing the songs, clapping his hands and giving Mrs. Cindi, the preschool director, a high-five on the way out just like all of the "big kids" do.  After that we had his tumbling class and he just loves the teacher Mrs. Rita.  So much so that as we are trying to leave he is still trying to walk over and wave good-bye to her, for about the 4th time.  Next up was lunch with our friends where he managed to turn over the entire big trashcan.  Thankfully it was pretty empty so nothing actually went spilling all over the place.  All I could do was laugh!  In the past few days I've been trying to get him to say his name and if I'm not asking him to do it in front of anyone he will say it.  So cute!  He doesn't like to perform though and gets shy if I ask him to tell someone. He can also blow kisses and give knuckle bumps now...both of which he likes to do over and over.  I just love this little guy so much!

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