Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our fun weekend

Robby was gone skiing all week, so we had some fun this weekend.  Friday morning while I was getting ready Handley entertained Hudson by reading him a book.  He insisted on sitting in her lap and sat there for the whole story.  He loves books and I love that Handley can now read to him, too!

Friday afternoon before we picked up Handley from school Harper, Hudson and I stopped by Stefanie's house to pick up something and say hi.  As soon as we got home that afternoon Harper immediately stuck a baby doll under her shirt and started her usual role playing telling me I was the "friend" and I should ask her why her belly is so big. Then she tells me it's because she has a baby in her belly.  She totally feeds me all my lines and sets the scene before exiting the room and returning in character.  The "baby-in-her-belly" story is her favorite and the most frequent one we act out.

Friday night Stefanie came over for pizza since Trey was on the ski trip, too.  We had fun chatting about the upcoming arrival of her baby girl and watching my three kiddos play and be wild.

Saturday night my cousin, Bryn came over and the girls played waitresses and then got into some karaoke action.  They were cracking me up with some of their moves.

The highlight of the night was when I relived the days I competed in Miss Georgia (part of the Miss American Organization) and let the girls stay up late to watch Miss America.  They dressed up in their fancy night gowns and grabbed crowns from the dress-up clothes to complete their look.  I even pulled out my old crowns to let them play with and wear while we watched.  In usual Handley fashion, she had a million questions about every aspect of the pageant, but loved watching and told me she wanted to be Miss America when she grew up. :-)

Today we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned to get ready for a couple of showings and then picked up Robby from the airport this afternoon.  We were all happy to have him back home!

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Renee said...

I love your girls imagination!!