Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hudson's first class

We have slowly gotten back into the swing of things this week with school and extra curricular activities staring back up.  It has been a challenge to get everyone dressed and out the door on time and I can't even imagine what next year will be like when Handley has to be at school before 7:30 AM.

This month I signed Hudson up for his very first "class."  He his doing a little mommy and me tumbling class at the community center. Both girls did the class when they turned 18 months old and I figured he would love it, too.  It's the same teacher the girls had and some of our friends are in the class, too, so I was excited to see how today would go.  As soon as we walked in he kept saying, "Play! Play!" and immediately ran out to the equipment.  I was so proud of him!  He followed along the course with me (for the most part), tried every single piece of equipment and had a huge smile on his face the entire time. He had a blast jumping on the trampolines, climbing under and over the obstacle course, hanging from the bars and trying to balance on the beam.  The first time Mrs. Rita, the teacher, helped him walk on the big beam he tried looking away from her and acting shy, but quickly that became his favorite station and he kept running back over to walk with her again and again.

At the end of the class Mrs. Rita gives all the kids stickers and I couldn't get over how big he seemed seeing him walk right up and wait on his sticker.  He kept looking at the sticker on his shirt and it stayed on there until I took it off tonight.  I was shocked.  He was so proud to show the sticker to Handley and Harper when we picked them up from school.  As we were getting ready to walk out of the class he took off in the opposite direction and I couldn't figure out what he was doing, but he marched right up to Mrs. Rita and gave her a hug before we were on our way.

Checking out his sticker

Seeing how he did today makes me thing that maybe, just maybe, he will be ready to start pre-school in the fall...something I have been worrying about recently since he will have just turned two when school starts.

The rest of our day was busy as ever.  We had our regular quick come home after school, get Handley ready, and then rush off to gymnastics routine.  Hudson stayed entertained by me chasing him from going in the bathrooms over and over and he loves flirting with the older girls who are there waiting on their class to begin.  There is a small group of them that have really taken to him and seek us out every week so they can play with and dote all over him.  Harper also looks up to these big girls and likes pretending she is one of them.

I'm glad to report that Hudson finally seems to be feeling better and this antibiotic he is on is doing the trick with his ears.  He is much happier now and back to his sweet self and eating better, too.  I have to hide the Oreos in the pantry, because if he even spots them he goes crazy saying, "cook-cook" (his version of cookie) over and over.  As soon as I give him one he ask me to open it up and how he figured that out is beyond me because no one in our house does that.  However, he will lick the frosting off, hand the actual cookies back to me and tell me he is all done.  That boy is a mess!  And speaking of mess, that is exactly why his shirt is off in these pictures.  We had breakfast for dinner tonight and his choice was oatmeal.  He usually does a really good job of feeding it to himself, but tonight I think more of it ended up on his shirt than in his mouth.

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