Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stefanie's Baby Shower

Today we celebrated the upcoming arrival of my first niece, sweet baby Sophia, at Stefanie's baby shower.  Jen and I hosted the shower and the girls were great little assistants.  They were thrilled about being able to attend and took their jobs very seriously.  As the shower began they greeted all of our guests and collected the gifts from them for Stefanie to open.  All week they helped me with preparations, decorations and gifts.

Stefanie got a lot of really great gifts for her baby girl and I think everyone had a great time.  Handley and Harper were very interested in all of the gifts and Stefanie was sweet enough to let them sit right in front of her and help oversee the opening.  I let them each pick out some things for me to monogram to give Sophia and they were so proud for Stefanie to open their gifts.

Our dinner club girls were all able to attend the shower. 
When the shower was almost over I had the girls stand by our favors to make sure everyone grabbed one on their way out...another job they took very seriously.   

They are so excited about having a new baby cousin to love on and we all can't wait to meet her!


Julie, the mama said...

A shower fit for a princess. What a lucky little girl to get to grow up around those two sweet cousins! And lucky Stefanie - she'll have instant babysitters!

Great job on the shower! Looks like every detail was planned just perfectly.

Stefanie said...

You both did such an amazing job! Thank you again! It was perfect!