Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Duck and Cover

Today's dangerous weather provided lots of excitement for the kids.  We were finishing up breakfast and getting ready to leave for school when heard the weather sirens and I got a text from my friend, Sarah, asking if I knew about the tornado warning for our area.  Well, I didn't, but I immediately turned on the news and saw that we were in the direct path of a tornado that had touched down.  I talked to a few other friends and realized that all of the county's schools were under duck and cover so needless to say we waited until the warning had lifted before heading on to school.  I explained to the kids what we would do if there ever was a tornado near us and what they would do if it happened when they were at school.  They had fun imagining it was a right over us, taking cover under pillows and tables.

Pretending that the tornado is on its way. 

The weather was eerily calm the majority of the time they were at school.  On the way to pick them up I heard on the radio that our county was under another warning and when I went into the school the parents were all informed that the tornado sirens had gone off and all of the kids were following their tornado warning procedures and were in duck and cover position in the hallways and bathrooms...and singing songs like Jesus Loves Me to pass the time.  I just LOVED hearing that.  We waited just a few minutes and then they decided to proceed with dismissal as they normally would so that everyone could get home before the worst of the storms arrived.  When we learned about the 100 cars that had been overturned on one of the interstates as a tornado ripped through a city several of the moms decided to just stay up at the church for a little while.  I could have taken Handley home early, but because I felt safer at the church with concrete block walls surrounding us I decided to wait with some of the other Kindergarten moms for things to ease up.  On the way home Handley and Harper were telling me all about how they had to take cover in the hallways and bathrooms and they were so excited about it that they demonstrated the position the position they took to everyone else we saw tonight at dance.  Thankfully the rest of the day just rained and hopefully it will all be gone by tomorrow.

I decided that instead of doing my own things around the house (chores) during Hudson's nap time this week I would instead do some fun things with the girls.  One day we made rice crispy treats and today we wrapped up day two of working on their Valentine's.  Harper wasn't thrilled with writing her name 16 times, but as soon as I offered the bribe of a conversation heart for every card she finished she was asking if she could do more!

And I just have on other thing I want to share because it made me really laugh.  Earlier in the week I was doing some lunges, leg lifts, squats, etc. since it had been a rainy day and I couldn't get outside to walk/run.  Handley thought it was great and joined in because, "she just loves doing her exercises and needed to do her work-out for the day" (seriously, her words).  Harper looked at me funny asked if I'd been to the gym anytime recently.  I told her no and that I had canceled my gym membership right after Handley was born.  She thought for a minute and asked, "Do you even remember how to do those things," while pointing to me doing my lunges.  I don't know why, but I found that so incredibly funny.  


Julie, the mama said...

Harper's gym comment got me so tickled, which was good because I needed a laugh after reading about your weather. I spent the day praying for all of my Georgia friends and family and am so thankful y'all are all ok.

Alison said...

Harper is so funny!!!