Friday, January 25, 2013

Oreo Filling

While waiting at Handley's gymnastics class yesterday I was chatting with one of the other mothers about our kids, schools, etc.  She asked Harper how old she was and discovered that she was the "middle sister." She went on to tell her something that someone once told her middle daughter...that she was the Oreo Filling ~ the sweet stuff sandwiched in the middle that holds it all together.  I LOVED that analogy because it describes Harper perfectly.  She is so sweet and always hugging and loving on everyone.  Since she was a tiny little thing she would crawl up into any free lap and to this day she still goes around hugging just about everyone, waving at strangers and winning everyone over with her sweet smile.  I love my sweet as sugar middle child!

When I was telling this to Robby tonight, Handley overheard and immediately grabbed onto Harper and Hudson to make their own Oreo with Harper in the middle.

This morning they invented a new game they call "Run Around the House."  It's exactly as it sounds...just a bunch of running laps around the house, all while they are squealing and screaming with laughter.

Tonight after we put Hudson to bed the girls and I played nail salon.  They were so excited to get to stay up late and get a mani/pedi.  We listened to music and picked out fun colors to try on our nails. They are topping off that fun with a sleepover in Harper's room.  Love those sweet girls and how much they love each other.


Renee said...

I love the Oreo filling description. Sam is totally the sweet filling in our family too!!

Ashleigh Finger said...

Love that! And I love her cute outfit too :)

Julie, the mama said...

Every part of this blog made me smile. Love the picture of the Harper Oreo, and the run around the house game? Oh, that just made me laugh. We do that around here, too.

Something about seeing that picture of Hudson all up in the mix reminded me of the post about your new car. And me thinking..hmmmm...wonder if that new ride can fit 3 car/booster seats. And then a few blogs later, the announcement that you were pregnant.

Hard to believe that little baby is old enough to run around the house now AND make the other side of an Oreo. But he sure is!