Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Masters 2015

Robby and I had the opportunity to go to the Masters again this year and had a wonderful time!!!  It was over spring break, which was nice because it's just takes a lot more planning to be away from the kids during school.  Gigi was kind enough to keep the kids and they had all sorts of fun here.

If you want to read all about our time there you can check it out on my Magnolia Mamas blog HERE and HERE.

I did want to be sure to share some of the pictures I took though because it was just as gorgeous as I remembered from last year.

On our first day we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Berckmans and then made our way out onto the course.  We had to snap a quick picture in front of the big porch though. I just love the southern feel, complete with rocking chairs.  :-)

The gorgeous greens and beautiful azaleas were such a lovely sight! 

We even got to see a few famous golfers like Phil Mickelson (in the purple). 

It was such a nice day of walking around, seeing the course, watching golf and enjoying time with each other!

On our second day there we did more of the same, which was fine by me!  We saw the main clubhouse...

 Got to see more great golf...

And I had one of the peach ice cream sandwiches, which was amazing!  

It was a great week and we loved watching on Sunday at home with the kids.  They all got really into it and especially Hudson, who told me he was going to be like the guy in the blue when he grew up (meaning Jordan Spieth).  I told him that was fine by me!

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